Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Expert Blogging

Becoming an Expert Blogger

There are people out there who are expert bloggers. They know how to blog and many of them have made businesses out of teaching and consulting with other people on how to blog.

When I went to college there was no such thing as a blog expert, no such thing as blog, let alone classes on blogs, blog writing. No such thing as a class just for writing on the Web. Think of the careers I could have had! (Think of the careers I have had!)

The thing that is so nice about Blogs to be is that there is no penalty for speaking your mind. There is no penalty for a typo here and there. And even the expert blogger may slip up once in a while. That is ok. We are human. However, I do not have the same tolerance for corporate sites. An occassional typo happens, but it is important to *try* to get those details right.

A blog is conversational, informational. Casual. (Take that sentence for example... the grammar there is horrible, but you forgive me right?)

Blogging is something that many people have the potential top be come expert in. In fact there will likely be sub-catagories of blog experts. I may become an expert on blogs for SEO. Maybe I am already... there probably isn't too much competition out there in reality. Some people will become blogs experts on more traditional "reporting" some on the actual process of bloggiong. Making blogging even more accessible.

So will you be an expert blogger?

Do you have a story about how blogging has helped you network? Comments welcome.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Tips for Introverts interesting in Networking

Introverts Best Networking Tool - The Internet

I am a bit antisocial - that isnt to say I don't like talking to people, because I do, occassionally. Occassionally and on my terms and when I feel like it. And that makes it a little difficult to network.

A great example was last night, where I was at a fundraising event, there were a ton of interesting people there, and the only ones I talked to were the ones I already knew... I was aware that it was a great business networking opportunity, but not interested in talking to any of them!

Well, that isn't true, had they approached me, I would have been happy to talk to them. I probably would have smiled and been personable. I just don't like approaching people on my own... I am an introvert.

That said I find that the Internet opens up great networking opportunities for me. Blogs give me a voice, a way for people to learn a little about me, and feel comfortable approaching me--the thing I have trouble doing.

I love getting email from new people. The door is opened, I can interact with a new contact before meeting face to face and build rapport. This helps me get comfortable, (and saves me a ton of time - I hate wasting time!!)

The Internet is a great business tool for introverts like myself. With this tool, I am able to move to even ground with my extroverted colleagues, greeting and meeting and networking - just on my own tems.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Keeping in Touch...

Besides blogs introducing you, and your business to an enormous amount of people, blogs can help you keep in touch as well.

I have found that my main blog Ramblings of an Insomniac, while not having mass appeal, does help me keep my "circle" in the loop...

(and who would want a circle outside the loop!)

Use your blog to keep in touch with those you don't get to talk to frequently, to share good news and to explore new ideas.

Remember that blogs are a tool. Applied to networking, blogs will establish and GROW your relationships.

Meghan Wier

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Need some more reasons to Blog?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New Tools for the Introvert in need of Networking

I am an introvert. And as such I find that business networking, as much as it is obviously important to maintain and grow my business can sometimes be a little daunting! (Ok down right scary!)

Enter the "Blog for Business"

There increasing popularity in the idea and practice of blogging to increase your business through promotion of your products and services...and yourself (your expertise, unique skill-set, etc.) One of the leaders in blogging for business here in Rochester is Windor Media.

And in that promotion and marketing, you will find that you will attract others to you--and you will be attracted to others through their blogs. A comment here, a contact there - and blogging becomes an introverts best friend in business networking....

-Meg Wier