Friday, September 02, 2005

Tips for Introverts interesting in Networking

Introverts Best Networking Tool - The Internet

I am a bit antisocial - that isnt to say I don't like talking to people, because I do, occassionally. Occassionally and on my terms and when I feel like it. And that makes it a little difficult to network.

A great example was last night, where I was at a fundraising event, there were a ton of interesting people there, and the only ones I talked to were the ones I already knew... I was aware that it was a great business networking opportunity, but not interested in talking to any of them!

Well, that isn't true, had they approached me, I would have been happy to talk to them. I probably would have smiled and been personable. I just don't like approaching people on my own... I am an introvert.

That said I find that the Internet opens up great networking opportunities for me. Blogs give me a voice, a way for people to learn a little about me, and feel comfortable approaching me--the thing I have trouble doing.

I love getting email from new people. The door is opened, I can interact with a new contact before meeting face to face and build rapport. This helps me get comfortable, (and saves me a ton of time - I hate wasting time!!)

The Internet is a great business tool for introverts like myself. With this tool, I am able to move to even ground with my extroverted colleagues, greeting and meeting and networking - just on my own tems.